Forward Into the Future

Four years ago, I promised a break from tax increases. I’ve kept my promise. No tax increases and I’ve cut expenses to live within our means, including a 10% cut to the Mayor’s Office in my first budget.

But we haven’t cut public safety, in fact we added a School Resource Officer without raising taxes. It’s not just about answering 911 calls, but also helping struggling kids and families. I’m proud to have the endorsement of our Firefighters, Attorney General Ferguson and Sheriff Trenary.

We’re building for the future too. With a visionary waterfront plan and ownership of Japanese Gulch, we’re ensuring a bright future. I worked to secure state funding for the Harbour Reach Corridor to take traffic off the Speedway and create better connections. That’s why Governor Inslee and our Representatives Peterson and OrtizSelf support me.

I’ve partnered with our City Council, which is why a majority support my reelection. We haven’t always agreed, but we’ve listened. In the next four years, I commit to keeping taxes low, investing in public safety and making sure we leave the next generation with a sustainable, wellrun City with safe, strong neighborhoods. I ask for your vote.

Safe, strong neighborhoods

Mukilteo is a strong community, where we support diversity and inclusiveness in our community. Our first responders ensure residents are safe in our homes and neighborhoods. We make sure Mukilteo connects our neighborhoods and is a great place to live.

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We’re building for the future

Our vision for Mukilteo means that we will budget efficiently and effectively to align with our priorities; we plan well and look forward to the future in decision making. As we look to the future, we manage appropriate growth that minimizes environmental impact and uses land efficiently while improving accessibility and mobility to destinations throughout our community.

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Living within our means

I’ve kept my pledge to take a break from tax increases and look at city operations to ensure we are working as efficiently and effectively as our community deserves. We’ve taken a LEAN look at our permit process and streamlined efforts, and cut the Mayor’s office budget by 10%.

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Jennifer is a leader who stands up for us. She has kept our taxes low, continued reinvesting in public safety and most importantly, kept her promises to Mukilteo.

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