Jennifer Gregerson For Mukilteo Mayor

Issues That Matter To You
Issues That Matter to You
Leading Mukilteo to a safe, vibrant and sustainable future

My priorities are your priorities

Jennifer believes in our community and is dedicated to it- she worked to save the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival and bring a Farmers Market to our town. Jennifer is focused on getting results. It's important for your government to live within its means. She believes in keeping taxes low, but providing excellent service. If we do need to increase taxes, Jennifer will communicate that need and listen to you.

Jennifer is dedicated to a safe community, with safe places to walk, safe streets and excellent police and fire service. Jennifer led the fight to first bring our own homegrown paramedic service to Mukilteo fire stations in 2005. She has pushed for regionalization, leading the efforts to examine a Regional Fire Authority and a contract with Fire District 1. After the City Council acted to end contract negotations with Fire District 1, Jennifer has refocused her efforts to build a strong Mukilteo Fire Department.

Jennifer will continue the fight to keep Boeing at Paine Field and stop commercial air service. She led the charge to first invest $150,000 into our Paine Field defense fund and has made sure we kept that fund replenished for future actions.